3 Tasks To Carry Out After A Digital Marketing Event Is Over

only-iconSo, you have attended the digital marketing event you were looking forward to for months. You have chatted with industry experts, impressed CEO s with your new business plan and even received a promise for investment from a business owner, who seemed genuinely interested in your next big business venture. Now, the event is over. What’s next? Have you ever wondered what to do with all the information that you gather at a digital marketing event, once it’s over? Here is a short and sweet 3-point checklist to help you out:

  1. Read press releases and recap posts: Have the organizers of the event published a post-event press release, stating the names and bios of the speakers, the topics that were discussed, and perhaps also a few takeaways? If yes, be sure to go through it. The PR may help you locate any information you may have missed out while attending the digital or mobile marketing event. Also, if the organizers run a blog, look for recap posts on the event. You may come across plenty of information that you missed out during the hectic schedule of the event. Plus, there is always the chance that you will find additional takeaways in such posts.

  1. Download any event collateral that you can find: Did the company, which hosted the digital marketing event, publish collaterals like documents and slide decks online? Check out if you can download those files. The data presented in such slides can be extremely valuable for you. Besides, you may come across slide decks uploaded online by the speakers themselves, greatly increasing the number of takeaways from the event. You can even alter the slide decks and use them in your own business presentations in future. This is a great opportunity as you can get the decks for free. If you come across a slide deck that is exceptionally good, consider forwarding a copy of it to your sales team. If applicable, they can gather information from it and use those at meetings.

  1. Follow up with the new contacts you made: If you have approached other attendees, delegates or speakers at the digital marketing event, chances are you have made quite a collection of business cards. Now is the time to put them to good use. Call your contacts up, send emails to them or even visit their offices. This will help you build a solid business network quickly. Don’t be shy when it comes to approach these people. Since you’re already acquainted with them and also exchanged business cards, a phone call or an email should not irritate them.

Preparing well before you attend a digital marketing event is definitely essential, but the real challenge begins after the event is over. Now is the time to utilize all the data that you collected at the event. Bring out the materials you gathered and download what else is available online, in order to enjoy the maximum possible benefits of attending the event. Make sure you follow up with the contacts you made at the event. After all, who knows what might develop out of a single phone call?

3 Tasks To Carry Out After A Digital Marketing Event Is Over

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