Change of Facebook Algorithm: What it Means For Your Page


Hold on for a moment before you post that update on your Facebook page. It’s better to know before you post rather than losing fans. That’s right, Facebook has updated its News Feed algorithm once again, and this time with the hope of showing people more “high quality content” on their news feed. Thanks to some of the great online marketing events, a lot of business owners and digital marketers already know about this. If you don’t, there’s no way you can afford to close this article without reading it and absorbing the key message.

Survival of the fittest!

Stories and posts you or your friends have commented will be bumped back to the top of your news feed. This is because if Facebook sees that a photo or post is getting good amount of Likes and comments, it will try to create more conversation on those popular posts. This means you may see the same images, stories, and posts time and again on your news feed even if those are old. When something good happens, there has to be a scapegoat behind it. This time, it seems like memes are going to have a bad time soon.

To show or not to show – that’s the question

Facebook is soon going to distinguish between a high quality content and a meme image. Ultimately, Facebook is going to give priority to the high quality content over the memes, and these will show up more frequently than you can expect in your news feed. Meme photos are not going to be extinct, but these will show up less in your news feed than before. So, the next time you intend to promote your brand or business on this social networking site, you know what to post and what to avoid.

What you do is what you get

Moreover, Facebook will soon start to recommend some related articles to us based on what we click on our news feed. These are likely to appear below the original posts. So, there’s a high chance that if you continue being the good boy and post high quality content, this social networking site can recommend your posts to other users. It will happen based on your last 50 interactions with your friends.

What’s in store for you

So what does this mean for your brand page? A Q&A session in an online marketing conference, which is renowned for bringing the industry experts under one roof, explained it nicely. Facebook is trying to compete with Twitter and wants to at the top position when it comes to news consumption. These changes in news feed algorithm are a reflection of that quest as Facebook is pushing it forward to help its users stay up-to-date on what’s happening around them.

So, you need to focus more on high quality content, the latest news, information about your company rather than a cat promoting your brand. News feeds are no longer going to be a hodgepodge of information. What your fans will see will be based on their day-to-day activities on this social networking site.

So, before you post that next update, make sure you know what your fans want to see and post accordingly. Last but not the least, you should visit online marketing events every once in a while to stay updated with the latest trends of the digital marketing industry and know what the industry experts are saying about them.

Change of Facebook Algorithm: What it Means For Your Page