How Online Marketing Events Help you Draw an Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy?


Mobile devices have unquestionably become one of the most important devices in our lives. The advent of smartphones has further added to the significance of mobile devices. Most users are online 24×7 nowadays and browse the web while on the go through their tablets or smartphones. As an online marketer, it is the need of the hour to tap into the vast potential of mobile devices as a marketing medium. Online marketers should take note of this factor and use it to maximize their own profits.

Attending digital marketing events in 2015 will help you to learn more about mobile devices as an effective platform for brand promotions. How can you leverage mobile devices to market your brands? What are the best practices for mobile marketing? You can have authentic answers to these questions at a mobile marketing conference from industry experts. Mobile marketing events are the most definitive platform where the experts and leaders of the mobile marketing industry gather to exchange knowledge, learning and experiences.

You can get to learn about all these mobile marketing tactics in detail by attending a popular mobile marketing conference in India or any other nation. In these events, speakers from big organisations take the stage to share their ideas, experiences and insights about mobile marketing. Digital marketing events provide plenty of networking opportunities for attendees to share views and thoughts with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and marketers, and stay updated on the latest trends in the online and mobile marketing.

A sneak-peek of the insights you can get at a mobile marketing event:

  • Online marketers should realize that mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. Whether browsing the web, researching or buying products online, we relying on our smartphones to do so. So mobile devices has potential to become the best possible advertising medium as it can offer personalised services to your buyers.

  • Responsive website design is another very important aspect of mobile marketing. There are many benefits of having a single responsive website design, which can be easily viewed on all devices and helps cut costs for business owners.

  • The role of an online marketer is not just to promote a product to your customers but also to expand the company’s customer base. For this, asking buyers to fill out a short survey after purchasing the product is a compelling option.

With constant evolution in the mobile technologies, the industry is witnessing considerable growth with each passing day. This is also the right time for mobile marketers to cash in and make the most of this boom.

How Online Marketing Events Help you Draw an Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Why You Should Meet The Social Media Superheroes to Grow Online!


You have read the horror stories – popular brand makes a social media blunder and within minutes they are being criticized and mocked by fans, and the news spreads like wildfire across the web. Even the most popular brands have realized the fact that, it’s easy to make blunders on social media. However, it’s easier to take preventive measures to avoid getting into trouble.

Useless marketing strategies don’t generate leads for your company’s marketing and sales force. In a mobile marketing conference, you will get to hear how big brands are avoiding the troubles and blunders and turning their social media campaigns into tangible and measurable lead-generation avenues. Moreover, you will also learn to use the social media platforms in a better and stronger way which will help you generate leads. The speakers attending these events will share how the top companies are turning their social media activities into insights and how those help entrepreneurs create year-round leads for their marketing and sales team. Get tips, gain insights, and get inspired.

Whether you have a small business or you are a SEO expert, you work at an agency or manage your own digital marketing in house, attending an online marketing conference will provide you with all the essential tricks and tips that you will require to take your business online.

Who should attend an online marketing conference?

Anyone who has invested plenty of money on digital marketing, didn’t get the desired results and aren’t happy with their present marketing campaigns, should attend these conferences. Professionals who should attend these conferences include:

  • Business owners willing to establish a solid online presence
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Search Engine Optimization experts
  • Online media planners
  • Brand managers
  • Webmasters
  • In-house digital marketers
  • Web technology professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Web designers

From social media sessions, Q&A sessions to gamification and everything in between, these events leave no stones unturned for their attendees to explore the strategic impact of digital marketing campaigns. The Q&A sessions and coffee breaks of these events are so interesting, that it’s guaranteed that you won’t be checking your Facebook account or email at the back of any boring conference room. In fact, many people who attend these conferences have said that leaving these events feels like leaving a summer camp. Expect a warm, friendly, and fun filled environment to build your connections with the best marketing experts in the industry.

If you are stuck with your current marketing campaigns that are not generating leads up to your expectation, you should consider attending a social media event right away. Whatever your business is, your customers will always be on social networking sites and you need to know how you can reach them. You will get to know in an online marketing event how you can engage them and cater to their needs. No matter whether you’re new to digital marketing or quite well-versed with the different aspects of it, you should consider attending a digital marketing event right now. The speakers attending these events are experts in their respective fields and will provide you with fresh perspectives and helpful tips that will help you take your business to the next level.

Why You Should Meet The Social Media Superheroes to Grow Online!

3 Major Points to Help You Maximize the Benefits of Attending A Mobile Marketing Conference

Attending a mobile marketing conference is one of the best ways to stay updated with the latest strategies and techniques that are being developed and implemented by expert marketers and business owners in the field. Moreover, you will also get to know how to utilize a successful mobile marketing strategy that is tailor-made for your business. You can also get a few inspirational ideas from other companies that you can use for your own. However, there’s one major thing people look for in these conferences, that is networking. Most of the renowned digital marketing events bring together marketing gurus and industry leaders under one roof. This is a great opportunity to extend your network and build a strong relationship with other people that can be mutually beneficial. At these events, you may meet your new clients, customers, investors, and even new business partners.

To enjoy any of the aforementioned benefits, you need to use your precious time at the event tactfully. If you want to grow your network and learn from the industry experts, you can’t waste a single moment at an event like this. Here are some important things you need to consider.

The early bird gets the worm!

Don’t get late for the event. Arrive at least 15-30 minutes before the event starts. This will help you in two ways. First, you’ll be able to secure a good seat for yourself in the front rows (or at least in the second rows in case the first one is reserved for special guests). Remember, the backbenchers in schools scarcely come under the spotlight. Don’t create an impression that you are sitting behind because you have a small or medium sized business. The closer you sit with the experts and leaders, the better it is! Secondly, arriving 30 minutes before the event will help you know others and have a few words with them which you can continue after the event is over. This is where the networking opportunities lie within. You cannot talk to others when a speaker is on stage, so the best time to introduce yourself to others is before the event starts. You can always continue with between or after the sessions.

Participate in Q&A Sessions

You may feel uneasy to participate in a Q&A session but it’s not meant to be remain silent. Don’t just be the listener, ask the panel of speakers a question or two about your business or share what you think. It would be great if you can stay prepared beforehand by making a list of questions you want to ask the panel of speakers.

Take advantage of the coffee breaks

Here’s what you should do. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and find someone to talk. Not just anyone, it would be great if you can talk to an expert who can give you valuable advice for your mobile marketing campaigns. Go meet a person, talk to him and don’t forget to give your business card right before the conversation ends. A lot of people feel uneasy to talk to strangers but remember you are there to grow your network, so do it. Your aim should be to distribute at least 10-15 business cards among your potential clients or the marketing experts.

3 Major Points to Help You Maximize the Benefits of Attending A Mobile Marketing Conference